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Social media is an inescapable part of modern life. We’ve become used to sharing almost everything online, from major life events to the smaller, daily stuff.

Couple that with a social movement to normalise female bodies in all their imperfect-but-beautiful forms, and Instagram feeds are filling up with lingerie selfies and boudoir photo shoots. More people today than ever feel comfortable and confident showing off their latest lingerie purchase – and that’s excellent news for you, the brand that sold it.

Some companies view consumer photos as a thing they can’t control, and that makes them nervous. What if the image style is ‘off brand’? Or the person has something negative to say about the product? While those can both happen, they shouldn’t be reasons to steer clear of engaging with your public. Let’s face it, social media isn’t going anywhere. So why not fully embrace it?

In fact, don’t just hit that like button. Retweet it or re-gram it! There are some really significant benefits to sharing your customers’ photos on your own social media profiles.

Here’s what they are:


Show your product on a range of bodies

In a perfect world, all lingerie collections would be shot on a diverse range of models that span the available size range. But in reality we have budgets and it’s not always possible to hire numerous models. While customer-generated content shouldn’t be seen as an excuse to not make your own imagery as inclusive as possible, it is a cost-effective way of showing your product range on an even greater variety of body types.

Plus, it highlights the fact that you make a range of sizes in the first place. For example, a plus-sized person visiting your Instagram profile will instantly see that you cater to them, if you’ve shared photos from other plus-sized customers.

Shoppers of all shapes and sizes like to see what a bra or brief will look like on a body similar to their own – and if they can do that, they’re much more likely to place an order.


Build a sense of community

When someone visits your social profiles and sees a whole bunch of other ‘real people’ wearing your garments, it can make them feel like there’s a community of likeminded fashionistas out there that they can become a part of by purchasing from you.

Brands that really make an effort to make customer photos an intrisic part of their online content are often rewarded with greater brand affinity and loyalty. Especially from those who posted the photos you shared – it shows them that you appreciate them as a customer.


Create a constant stream of content

In the social media world, all content is fleeting. To keep your audience engaged and your brand on their radar, it’s important to have a regular stream of fresh things to share.

Incorporating user-generated images into your feeds takes some of the pressure off your team to always be creating new content themselves. So that they have more time to create better-quality or more in-depth content, which will better benefit your brand.





Source: Parfait.com