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Does your lingerie store offer a memorable customer experience?

It may be something that you’ve never considered, but perhaps you should. Ensuring that each and every person who enters your store is satisfied is an excellent way to get return business.

With that in mind, here are some tips and ideas to implement in your company:


Add a personal touch to the experience

When a customer walks through the door, they are the most important person in the room. It’s that simple. Your staff members should go above and beyond to make each customer feel special and help them with whatever they need. This goes further than merely asking them if they need help or advising them on certain things. Train your team to talk passionately about the products and share that passion with the customers.


Delight your customers’ senses

The atmosphere that you create in your lingerie store says a whole lot about your brand. It may take a little time to cultivate the right environment for your customers and make sure that they have a memorable experience. One of the senses that you might want to engage is that of smell. Ensuring that there is a pleasant and inviting scent in the store could make all the difference. You might want to use a specific air freshener or scented system.


Reward frequent customers

You can’t put a price on customer loyalty. When you have returning customers, your revenue streams will be stronger than ever. That’s exactly what you want to cultivate. Creating some type of loyalty scheme in your lingerie store is an excellent way to give a little something back to the people that matter the most. For example, you could start by offering shoppers a loyalty card on which they can collect points. These will later be redeemable for discounts and special offers.


Give people an activity to try

The key to creating a great in-store experience is giving people more than they expected. Of course, your lingerie store will be fully stocked with the latest trends and designs, but what more can you give your customer? How can you ensure that they will walk away with a fond memory of the in-store experience?

One of the things that you could consider is giving them an activity to engage them and keep their attention. For example, you could have an area dedicated to the task of matching various colors of underwear. Make it a fun, engaging game that customers will want to flock to. One of your sales team could talk through this experience with your customers and help them ‘choose their style.’ You could also offer a small discount to any shoppers who take part in this activity.


Introduce a ‘click and collect’ feature

Of course, it should go without saying that your in-store experience needs to work seamlessly with your online experience. With that in mind, introducing a ‘click and collect’ feature in your lingerie store could make all the difference. This will allow your customers to order pieces online and come pick them up in store. Making the shopping experience easier for your audience is a sure-fire way to make it memorable.


Making the checkout super simple

Let’s face it, one of the least exciting aspects of the shopping experience (for the customers, at least!) has to be heading to the checkout. Waiting in line and having to deal with cash, card, or whatever else can be less than engaging. Why not revamp your checkout system? The key here is to make the paying process as easy as possible for the customer. For example, you could have a self-checkout queue or allow people to pay on their smartphones using an app.  



Tailoring an experience that will have your customers coming back for more is a difficult feat. You have to take the time to consider every aspect of the shopping process and make sure that it’s up to scratch. While you likely can’t revamp the entire experience overnight, it will pay off to take a look at areas in which you can improve. Following some of the above advice is certain to set you apart from the crowd in no time at all.