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Body positivity has taken over communities on Instagram and body positive Instagrammers are now legitimate stars and influencers.

There was even a feature article about them in the New York Times recently! These users are setting new trends that are changing the way people clothing and lingerie. 

Body positive customers tend to be passionate and frequent buyers, as long as companies align with their philosophical ideas and are producing fashionable pieces that they want. This is a great group to have to support your lingerie or fashion line. 

If you have plus-size and body positive customers, you need to be keeping track and taking advantage of all of these new trends for your own marketing.

Today I’m highlighting some of the most important recent trends as well as sharing how to use them in your own marketing.


1.  Join the body positive community.

The body positive community is growing and become more diverse, so now is a great time to get to know it better! Check out hashtags like #effyourbeautystandards to see what body positive customers are wearing and talking about.


2.  Promote diverse body types.

If you can’t afford to hire multiple models for your own shoots make sure to highlight your own customers or images that show a wide range of body types and sizes. Studies have shown that people develop more positive feelings about body types that they are shown repeatedly in the media, so it’s important to contribute to the display of a diverse range of bodies.


3.  Take realistic and natural photos.

Glamour is always in style but so is realism. Companies like Universal Standard have made a splash with images showing a wide variety of models who aren’t airbrushed. These women have cellulite, wrinkles, and other normal human issues but are still portrayed as beautiful and valuable. Resist the temptation to airbrush your photos heavily and let the natural beauty of your models shine through.


4.  Ask for feedback.

Listening is so important for companies now that purchasing habits are heavily driven by social media. Ask people what body positive marketing looks like to them and try and design marketing that really speaks to your customers. What do people really want to see when they browse Instagram?


5.  Don’t be afraid of fat politics.

It’s impossible to hang out in the body positive community and not run into the politics of fat activism. Fat activism and the body positive community go hand in hand but that doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of it! The political aspect of the body positive community is pretty simple: that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of size or health status. Simple, right? As long as you understand that basic idea and believe in it, you’re ready to hang out in the body positive community.