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The moment you slip it on, it just feels so very right. Having a well-fitted bra is about more than just looking amazing; it’s about how it makes you feel too. With that in mind, here are seven important lessons you learn when you first get the ideal bra. Enjoy!

1.  That discomfort is never okay

One of the major things you’ll learn when you get a truly well-fitted bra is just how uncomfortable you were before now. Yikes! Seriously. You’d been struggling with painful bras for years and years. And, do you know what’s even worse than that? You’d done nothing about it at all.

When you finally get fitted and get something that works for you, you may find yourself wondering why on earth it took you so long. There was no need to suffer. Who knew life could be so much easier with just a little comfort along the way?

2.  That a bra can change your posture

Confidence doesn’t come to you overnight, but it does come to you when you wear a fitted bra. The very moment that you leave the lingerie store, you may find that you walk a little taller. You will feel like a million dollars… and you’ll look like it too.

Having a bra that supports you and suits you in all the right ways is the greatest feeling in the world. You may even find that it changes the way that you feel about yourself. You now ooze confidence. So, go ahead, and hold your head up high!

3.  Bra sizes can change

Your bra size won’t stay the same forever. If you hadn’t been measured for quite some time, your new size may have come as quite a shock. That’s perfectly normal. There’s a whole array of reasons that your size can change over time.

That’s why it’s so very important that you get fitted on a regular basis. Wearing a bra in the right size changes so much from how you look to how you feel. Don’t forget that.

4.  That your boobs can look awesome

Check yourself out in the mirror. No, really. Go and check your reflection. That well-fitted bra makes more than your face light up. Your boobs look perkier and better than ever before. You might even say that they look awesome. Wearing a bra that suits your body shape is all it takes to make you look your best. You may even find that some other ladies out there start to compliment you on your new look. And, frankly, so they should!


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5.  How much support you need

Whether you have big boobs or small ones, you need support. If you don’t have enough support, you will find that you feel uncomfortable and that something looks wrong. Nobody wants or needs that in their life. Getting a bra that is just right for you is the simplest and most obvious solution.

So, what should you look for when it comes to support. Well, aside from getting the right bra size, you should also keep your eyes out for a thick band, some adjustable straps, and the perfect cup style for you. Having all of the above means that you will feel cozy and look incredible. What more could you want?

6.  How to make your clothes fit better

Let’s take a moment to talk about your silhouette. It should be just right for you. Not having a well-fitted bra means that you will likely have a shape that’s not quite right. It’s just not you. And that’s a problem.

Once you’ve got your measurements completely right, this problem will disappear in a mere instant. Nothing could be better. Slipping on a bra that not only fits but gives you all that you need is so easy. Warning! When you see your new and improved silhouette, it may just blow your mind.

7.  Why people go on about bra fittings

Your girlfriends have said it to you a thousand times before. So, have you ever wondered why it is that people go on and on about bra fittings? Well, now you know the truth. People talk about them because they are actually crucial to your comfort and wellbeing. Overlooking this aspect of your own self-care is a rather major mistake and you know it!

Make sure that you take the time to get fitted as often as possible (every three months is best!) so that you always wear the right size bra. It may seem like something of a hassle, but when you get used to scheduling your fittings, it will be as easy as pie. Remember, it’s just like any other task you need to do.


Should you have that perfect bra already, you will be all-too-familiar with the lessons here. You’ve learned them already. Treating yourself to a bra that is right for you is not rocket science. It’s just good sense.

Oh, and if you’ve yet to get a well-fitted bra, you need to do yourself a real favour. Book an appointment at one of our stockists now and make the magic happen. Looking fabulous is your responsibility. You are in control here. Plus, when you get things right, you will feel better than ever before!