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Many of your customers struggle with shopping for lingerie on their own.

They visit your store because they like having an expert do all of the shopping and sizing for them. By shopping at your store, they’re guaranteed to leave with lingerie that fits well and feels amazing.

But there is a lot that your customers might not be telling you. In order to be successful in sales, your staff must learn how to ask the right questions, anticipate what their customers need and want, and essentially wardrobe their customers. None of their customers should be going home to poorly-fitting bras and worn-out panties – it’s you and your staff’s job to sell them beautiful lingerie that will make them want to throw away (or donate) all of the ill-fitting lingerie that they have at home.

Of course, no customer wants to feel like they’re a part of a sales pitch. After all, they’re in your store because they want you to sell them lingerie that makes getting dressed in the morning a little easier (and a have a little fun while shopping too).

The fitting room is the perfect place to sell lingerie without it coming across as pushy or aggressive. It’s an intimate space where the customer sees you and your staff as the experts. Plus, they’re already undressed so trying on another bra isn’t a big deal.

So how does your staff maximize sales inside the fitting room and out? Here are a few suggestions your customers will love: 


1.  Anticipate your customer’s needs and wants

Maybe your customer came in for a bridal gift but she actually needs new bras for herself. Or maybe you’ve finished the bra fitting and she’s waiting in the fitting room for you to bring bras for her to try. At this point, you probably know quite a bit about what your customer is looking for, so you’ll be able to make suggestions and bring her great options to try on. No matter what your customer is shopping for, you’ll always be one step ahead if you’re anticipating her needs.

Teach your staff to show your customers other colour ways of a favourite bra – not just tell their customers about it. If a particular brand fits a customer perfectly in all the right places, bring in other styles from the brand that the customer will love. She might find a new strapless bra or bra-sized swimsuit that she didn’t know she needed!


2.  Ask your customers the right questions

Some customers walk into your store with an item in mind while others aren’t sure what they’re looking for. From the moment your customer walks in your doors to her experience in the fitting room to the time you’re helping her out with her purchase at the register – asking the right questions is the key to superior customer service (and it saves everyone time). Your customer may have no idea how to care for her new lingerie (which is why she needs one of your mesh lingerie bags and a bottle of lingerie soap) or where to send her friends for bra fittings.

By teaching your staff to ask questions like, “How do you wash your lingerie?” and “Did you know that we offer discounts for referrals of friends and family members? If you know of anyone that needs a bra fitting, we’d love to offer you a discount on your next purchase!” These are the kinds of questions that build loyal relationships and keep customers coming back for more.


3.  Make sure your customers have a well-rounded lingerie wardrobe

Your customer may have stopped in for a new t-shirt bra, but do you know how her other bras are fitting? Does she have a supportive strapless bra? Does she need a new sports bra? When was the last time she bought new underwear? Your lingerie store should be a one-stop-shop for all of your customers’ needs.

Teaching your staff to help their customers out with a new lingerie wardrobe can do wonders for the sales of your store – and remind your customers that your store is hands down the best place to shop for lingerie.



It’s true that selling starts the moment the customer walks into the store, but the fitting room is where a lot of the magic happens. By teaching your staff to anticipate their customers’ needs, ask the right questions, and focus on making sure their customers have a lingerie wardrobe they can depend on, your staff can maximize every moment in the fitting room, increase sales for your business, and build lifelong relationships with your customers.