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An email marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial to growing your lingerie business.

In fact, Email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) of all marketing channels, according to Direct Marketing Association. But eMarketer reported that only 35% of retail email subscribers have made a purchase from the company whose email list they joined. And from that 35%, only 15% of the subscribers are repeat customers.

So, how does email have such a high ROI if only a small percentage of email subscribers make a purchase?

It’s because the businesses experiencing a high ROI aren’t just adding new subscribers to email lists and sending a monthly newsletter. These businesses are creating email marketing automation strategies to persuade subscribers to buy a product.

More specifically, these businesses use automated email sequences to help drive sales.


What is an email sequence?

An email sequence is an email marketing automation tool that sends pre-planned, automated emails to subscribers. Email sequences are triggered and sent automatically to subscribers via an email automation service, such as MailChimp, ConvertKit or HubSpot.


How does an email sequence work?

An email sequence is initiated for an email subscriber depending on the triggers you have set up for it. Let’s say you have an opt-in form on your website for people to subscribe to your email list. Let’s also imagine that you’ve created an email sequence to persuade new subscribers to make a purchase. You would set up a trigger to initiate that specific email sequence for people that subscribe via that form.

Once the new user subscribes, they’ll automatically receive the first email of your email sequence. And, this is where your email marketing strategy comes in. What do you have to offer the new subscriber to prompt them to make a purchase? It could be insights, trends, new products, discounts, etc.



Perhaps your initial email would thank the user for subscribing and offer a 10% off coupon. The second email could explain how many women are wearing the wrong bra size. You’d make this email intriguing by providing your expertise, and offer the subscriber to come in for a bra fitting. The third email may list all the symptoms of wearing the wrong size bra. And the fourth email may offer a last chance coupon of 20% off. Your final emails would remind the user they have only a certain number of days left to use the discount.

Your email sequence automatically subtly reminds the subscriber that they need your product, and they need to act fast.


How does an email sequence prompt new purchases?

Email sequences can be successful at prompting new purchases for several reasons. Let’s walk through why email sequences can drive sales:



Consumers are busy and distracted. They are exposed to thousands of brands and products every day. And, you aren’t the only company sending the consumer emails. It’s said that a brand must be shown to a consumer seven times before the consumer makes a connection with the brand. You can apply this same approach to email marketing.

 Send one email, and the subscriber may never see or open it. Send multiple emails, and you’re almost guaranteed to get their attention. But getting their attention once isn’t enough. You need to keep inspiring the consumer to take action by convincing them via email that they need your product.  



Another reason email sequences are successful is because you can create a sense of urgency. Offer someone a discount they don’t want to pass up, then put a deadline on it, and they are pressured to take action fast.



Your email automation strategy should speak to an issue the consumer faces, and your product is the answer. In the example above, we discussed sharing how so many women are wearing the wrong bra size without realizing it. Then, you followed it up with an email listing signs you could be wearing the wrong bra size. You’ve just zeroed-in on a pain-point for the subscriber, but you’ve given them a solution for it – you.