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Is it time to boost your marketing game?

Lingerie business owners and marketers have a duty to routinely adapt their strategy to suit the changing industry. For that reason, it’s important that you’re aware of the most current modes when it comes to marketing a lingerie business.

Let’s take a moment to review five powerful success strategies you could use.


1.  Avoid low-hanging fruit

Discounts, deals, and offers – they all attract new customers to your store, but are they truly worth it? In order to maintain peak performance, retailers need brand loyal customers that will come back time and time again.

Cultivating this community is far from easy. However, demonstrating that your products are worth the full price is one way to go. The strategy here is to avoid low-hanging fruit (i.e. customers searching for a one-off deal) in favour of those that will place real value on the quality of your products.


2.  Create a personalized experience

Each customer is an individual, which means that they need a unique approach. Creating personalized shopping experiences for your customers could help build your audience base. For example, within your lingerie store, you may decide to offer a personal shopper service.

This offering will allow customers to individualize their purchases and find products that suit them and their sense of style. These added extras may be just the thing to take your marketing strategy to a whole new level.


3.  Switch up your loyalty program

Do you already have a loyalty program in place? Many retailers rely heavily on a points system, which gives customers points when they spend a nominal amount of money. This strategy is fast becoming outdated and old hat.

If you’re looking for a way in which to shake up your marketing activities, you may want to consider revamping your current approach. Offering tangible rewards to customers could be the answer. For example, if those with loyalty subscriptions get free briefs when they buy a bra, they can plainly see the value of the service. Create a specific program that works for your store.


4.  Target your local area

Whether you own one store or a whole host of them, each premises has to be engaged with the local area. Consider taking an independent approach to your marketing strategy.

To do so, marketers must be aware of the goings on and trends within the area. Reaching out and working with other local businesses may be one prong to this strategy. On the other hand, running a promotion to align with area-specific events could work. Consider the ways in which this notion could be worked into your current activities.


5.  Embrace social media shopping

Do you have an online presence? If so, it could be time to start using it to grow your audience. Whether you’re already working with online influencers or plan to in the future, this next marketing strategy is an absolute must. The tides of social media are shifting, which means that there is now space to utilize the platforms as e-commerce sites.

For instance, those with large 10,000+ followings on Instagram may make their stories ‘shaoppable’. That means that followers can swipe up on the posts to buy items in the pictures. Strengthening any relationships you currently have with influencers and incentivizing a system like this one could help you reach a much wider audience.